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September 11, 2007



For serbian language, there are http://www.blogodak.com and http://planetoid.srpski.org - two major blog agregators where all the feeds are collected ;)

Nishant Mathur

For India
1. Search Engine: Google Search India.
2. Newspaper: Times of India is the largest read newspaper. Also addition of a business newspaper like The Economic Times would be great.
3. orkut is a great hit so addition of that in the bookmarks toolbar would be a great idea.
4. rediff.com is a pretty popular site in India and would be a great addition as well.



I think that, regarding Argentina, you should consider clarin.com, wich is the main newspaper in the country. Additionally you should consider lanacion.com and pagina12.com.ar as well.

Finally, regarding popular blogs, I think the right ones are uberbin.net, fabio.com.ar, ignaciomarcos.com.ar, orsai.es and serialblogger.com.ar.

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